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The Supreme Court of Pakistan, situated in the capital city of Islamabad, stands as the highest judicial institution in the country. Comprising the Chief Justice of Pakistan and a panel of esteemed judges, the court plays a pivotal role in upholding the rule of law, interpreting the Constitution, and ensuring justice for all citizens.

What is superior court in Pakistan?

The superior court in Pakistan refers to the highest judicial authority in the country. It is known as the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and it holds the power to interpret the constitution, hear appeals, and ensure justice for all citizens.

How many courts are there in Pakistan?

Pakistan has four main types of courts: Supreme Court, High Courts, Federal Shariat Court, and District Courts.

Who appoints judges in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, judges are appointed by the President of Pakistan.

Which is the lowest court in Pakistan?

The lowest court in Pakistan is the District Court.