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The Pakistan Navy is the maritime branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces and is responsible for defending Pakistan's coastal and maritime interests. It was established shortly after Pakistan gained independence from British rule in 1947. The primary mission of the Pakistan Navy is to safeguard the country's maritime borders, protect its sea lanes, and ensure national security in the maritime domain.

How can I apply for Navy in Pakistan?

To apply for the Navy in Pakistan, you can visit the official Pakistan Navy recruitment website or contact the nearest Pakistan Navy Recruitment and Selection Centre for application procedures.

What are the age criteria for Pak Navy?

The age criteria for joining the Pakistan Navy is typically between 17 and 24 years at the time of induction, varying slightly for different branches and educational qualifications.

Can girls join the Navy?

Yes, girls can join the Pakistan Navy through various commissioned officer positions.

What is the full form of Navy?

The full form of Navy “Nautical Army of Volunteer Yeomen”.