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What is the nature of higher education in Pakistan?

The nature of higher education in Pakistan is characterized by a diverse landscape of universities, colleges, and institutes offering a wide range of academic disciplines and programs to promote knowledge and skills development.

What is the benefit of higher education in Pakistan?

Higher education in Pakistan provides individuals with advanced knowledge, skills, and qualifications that contribute to personal growth, career opportunities, and the socioeconomic development of the country.

What are the goals of higher education in Pakistan?

The goals of higher education in Pakistan are to promote quality education, produce skilled graduates, foster research and innovation, and contribute to national development and progress.

How higher education of Pakistan is different from UK higher education?

Higher education in Pakistan differs from UK higher education in terms of curriculum structure, quality assurance mechanisms, international recognition, and funding sources.

What is higher education in Pakistan and HEC?

Higher education in Pakistan refers to tertiary education programs offered by universities, colleges, and institutes, while the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is a regulatory body responsible for overseeing and coordinating higher education institutions in the country.

What is the HEC motto?

The motto of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is "Quality and Relevance.