Government Jobs in NJP | Daily Jobs in Pakistan

"NJP" in Pakistan specifically refers to the "National Jobs Portal," which was an online platform introduced by the Government of Pakistan to modernize the process of job search and recruitment for its citizens. The National Jobs Portal aimed to provide a centralized platform where job seekers could find employment opportunities and employers could post job vacancies, creating a more efficient and accessible system for job matching.

Sure, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about jobs on the National Jobs Portal (NJP) in Pakistan:

How can I access NJP?

You can visit the official website ( of NJP at to access the platform and explore job listings.

Do I need to register on NJP to apply for jobs?

Yes, job seekers are required to register on NJP by creating a profile, uploading their resume, and providing relevant information to apply for jobs.

Are there any charges for using NJP as a job seeker?

No, using NJP for job seeking purposes is typically free of charge.

Is NJP the only way to find government jobs in Pakistan?

While NJP is a significant platform for government job listings, there may be other official channels and websites where government job vacancies are announced. However, NJP is a centralized platform designed specifically for this purpose.