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The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the air warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces. It is one of the three main branches of the Pakistani military, alongside the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Navy. The Pakistan Air Force is responsible for defending Pakistani airspace, conducting aerial operations, and supporting ground forces when needed.

Who can apply for PAF?

Both civilians and individuals from the Pakistani Armed Forces can apply for PAF, subject to specific eligibility criteria.

How to join Pakistan Air Force 2023?

To join the Pakistan Air Force in 2023, you can apply online through the official PAF website or visit the nearest PAF recruitment center for detailed information and eligibility criteria.

What is the age limit for PAF?

The age limit for joining the Pakistan Air Force varies depending on the entry scheme, but it is generally around 16 to 30 years for commissioned officers and 15 to 22 years for airmen.

How many attempts are there for PAF?

Three attempts are there for PAF.