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What is prison department?

The prison department in Pakistan is a government agency responsible for the supervision and management of prisons and correctional facilities in the country.

Which jail is famous in Pakistan?

Lahore Central Jail is a famous prison in Pakistan.

How many jails are there in Pakistan?

There are 116 jails in Pakistan.

Where is the biggest jail in Pakistan?

The biggest jail in Pakistan is “Central Jail Sahiwal”.

How many jails are there in Sindh?

There are 33 jails in Sindh, Pakistan, but 26 are operational.

How many jails are there in Punjab?

There are 43 jails in Punjab, Pakistan.

What are the types of prisons in Pakistan?

The types of Prison in Pakistan are “Central prisons, Special prisons, District prisons, and Subjails.”

Which is the oldest jail in Pakistan?

The Central Jail Hyderabad is considered the oldest prison in Pakistan, established in 1854.